Golden Apple Recipients Taking A Bite

The Academic Awards Ceremony was held Wednesday, March 8th for the High School.  Golden Apples, Academic Letters, and Academic Pins were awarded to students for their achievement of the honor roll for 6 quarters (pin), 10 quarters (letter), and 14 quarters (golden apple).  The theme was a Knight at the Emmys, with students receiving TV dinners with goodies to supplement their awards.

Congratulations to the following students for their awards!!

Golden Apple

Lydia DeSchiffart

Matthew Haire

Katrina Hatt

Andie Lovejoy

Laney Oliver

DeVae Reynolds

Emmalee Ripley

Tristin Rodriguez

Austin Rusecky

Ceanna Wallace

Academic Letters

Kaycee McGuire

Courtney Bagley

Emma Fraser

Chloe Look

Finn McDowell

Jacob McLaughlin

Brisa Ortiz-Garcia

Autumn Peterson

Jasmin Schoppee

Academic Pins

Luciano Aguirre Paredes

Megan Gordon

Estrella Paredes-Vazquez

Jenny Perez-Vazquez

Ashley Stubbs

Dakota Fahey

Liam Gamache

Gabriel Hanscom

Kaitlyn Lee

Timothy Mague

Caelum Merchant

Logan Norton

Paidyn Cashman

Abigail Holubrinkle

Emma Parker

Nevaeh Schoppee

Charles Willey