March 27, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Once again, we are changing our protocols as a result of new information regarding the Corona Virus. There is new information suggesting that the virus may live longer on paper than previously believed. This new information suggests that the virus may be able to survive up to three days on some surfaces. In order to ensure everyone’s safety we will now change the days that schools are open for parents to pick up and drop off materials. Schools will only be open for the exchange of educational materials on Wednesdays starting April 1. Packets will have set undisturbed for at least three days before you pick them up. Teachers will not handle dropped off materials until the next Monday. Parents, staff, and students should continue to communicate electronically with each other whenever possible.

Our Schools will be closed to the public except for picking up and dropping off of students work on Wednesdays (10:00 to Noon) and for picking up student lunches Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (10:00-Noon). We recommend that all families that receive lunches sign up for our delivery service to limit everyone’s chance of exposure. You can contact Dawn at our office to make that switch.

Essential services will continue to operate. Our students need to be educated and fed. As Parents come into our schools to exchange work and get lunches, please drop and grab, and leave without putting yourself or anyone else at risk. My main concern during all of this is that our students continue to be served and that all are staying safe.


Ronald C. Ramsay

Superintendent of Schools

MSAD #37