Beginning Monday, April 13th, we are going to have a caravan of cars/trucks following a bus while it is delivering meals to students. This is for fun and to show students that we miss them! Remember that we must use social distancing  and we won't come in contact with students. 

Below is the schedule. We hope to see a lot of our students each day!!

Monday, April 13 - Kevin's  Milbridge run- East Side 

Wednesday, April 15 -  Stan - Cherryfield/Beddington/Deblois     

Friday, April 17 -Clara's Milbridge run- Wyman Rd.

Monday, April 20 - Ronie's Addison run

Wednesday, April 22 - Pat's Columbia/ Columbia Falls Run

Friday, April 24 - Dawn's Addison Run

Monday, April 27 - Buddy'/Tim's Harrington Run

Wednesday, April 29 -   Darlene's Harrington Run