Students with Monument

National Honor Society students had the opportunity to take part in the ceremony honoring Flying Tiger Line Flight 739.  The plane crashed in the Pacific Ocean en route to Vietnam on March 16, 1962.  Very little is known about what happened to FTLF 739 and its crew and passengers, and due to the circumstance surrounding this mission, the names of those lost have not yet been added to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. However, today many families and loved ones of these heroes still fight to have their loved ones recognized for their contributions to our freedom and our shared history.

The ceremony was broadcast through Facebook Live on the Wreaths Across America site, and was also covered by a reporter from the Washington, DC area.  Since then, that story has been broadcast throughout the country and features our students reading the names of those lost.  It was an honor to be included as part of this ceremony and our students represented their school and community very well. 

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